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We hope that Ellai toilets can bring you extremely comfortable product experience。 After all, in respect to product category, the quality of Ellai toilets is leading all similar products with perfect design, technology, process and quality。 In short, Ellai toiletsperfectlypresent the perfect balance among geometry, fluid mechanics and design。

Ellai toilets are provided with double-effect light touch button, being able to save water easily. A good design is just perfect without any redundancy. Our designers exert the architectural aesthetics of minimalism to the extreme and our products seem like art treasures with strong sense of sculpture. They are mellow, elegant and three-dimensional just like delicate art sculpture masterpieces.

More Product Details

Comfortable seat, no tiredness 

Jointly developed and designed by international top design organizations, our toilet seats integrate human engineering, science and art together and perfectly fit human hips, so that users can be comfortable even sitting for a long time。 

Easy and convenient, water-saving with two gears 

Double-effect unique button design offers clear division of water volume with easy operation, clean and thorough flushing, and saves more than 30% water than common toilet.

Imported cover, super silent and more cozy  

The imported cover is firm and durable and has high glossiness without fading after using for a long time。 The slow descent axis makes the cover fall slowly without banging even late at night, keeping your family away from disturbance。  

Perfect combination of clean flushing, water conservation and silence 

Deep ocean vortex flushing: quick swirling strong water current brings powerful impulse force, just like vortex in the deep ocean.  

Double-gear variable water conservation  

Brand new water conservation technology and high class water tank accessory realize double-gear efficient water-saving flushing with golden water allocation proportion, so as to save water easily.

Super silent 

Ω-type pipeline and water fitting design makes the flushing noise lower than 55db and realizes silent and comfortable experience.

Super clean and antibacterialELLAI Mirrooth Glaze

The unique ELLAI Mirrooth Glaze kilned in 1280℃ is smooth and dirt cannot stick on it. Besides, the glaze can eliminate more than 90% escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus to safeguard your health. 

Durable and water-saving high class water fittings 

Super strong flushing effect, low water inlet voice, achieve the best flushing effect with the least water, excellent quality and durability。

Whole-pipe glazing with efficient sewage disposal

48mm scientific and reasonable pipe diameter, whole-pipe glazing, smooth pipe wall without dirt, unblocked and more thorough sewage disposal.

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